Junk Trucks

No matter what size Junk Trucks you have Bronx Junk Car Depot will come and get it. We can accommodate any size Junk Truck, Junk SUV, Junk Trailer, and/ or Heavy Machinery. Give our Junk Car Specialist a call and they will make sure you get top dollar for your Junk TruckJunk Trucks, Used Trucks for Sale

Junk Trucks have tremendous value. They provide the automotive industry with the scrap metal needed to produce new cars every year. Junk Trucks can hold a tremendous scrap metal value based on their size, weight, and what they are made out of. Sell your Junk Truck to us and we’ll make sure you get the highest cash for junk truck and your junk truck reaches its maximum potential.


Junk Trucks can be very costly to repair both mechanically and physically. Don’t pay storage or towing fees because of the size of your junk truck, give Bronx Junk Car Depot a call today and we’ll arrange towing for you free of charge and pay you cash for your junk truck. We are not selling your junk truck to a scrap processor; we are the scrap processor and we can pay you for the weight of your junk truck. Call our Junk Car Specialist today and they will help you decide what the best way to junk your truck is. Call (718) 620-1981 Today!