Should I scrap or fix my car?

Scrapping and fixing your car both have their merits. However, depending on the circumstances, one option may be better than the other. But if you’re asking, “should I scrap or fix my car,” there are a few key questions you can ask yourself to help make the decision. Here’s what you need to know!

How much are you paying in maintenance costs?

When deciding whether to scrap or fix your car, you need to weigh the cost of maintenance against what you’d make selling and purchasing a newer car that needs less work. One of the easiest ways to determine this is to look at the last six months of maintenance history and find the average. What do you typically spend each month to keep your vehicle operational?

Vehicles that break down regularly will quickly run up your bills and end up costing more than if you sold your vehicle and purchased something that doesn’t need as much attention. After you’ve determined your average monthly budget, crunch some numbers and determine what that number would be if you have a newer vehicle that only requires minimal maintenance, such as oil changes, wiper blades, etc.

If you’ll end up saving money by purchasing a newer vehicle, then it may be time to scrap your car rather than fix it.

Are you wasting money on insurance?</h2<

Another question to ask when considering whether to scrap or fix your car is how much you’re spending on insurance. Newer cars typically have higher insurance rates. However, a junk car that doesn’t run half the time means you’re spending money for insurance even when you can’t drive your vehicle. Scrapping your car and getting a newer vehicle means you won’t waste money on insurance for a car you can’t drive.

What is your car’s current value?

You can easily identify the worth of your car by using online tools like Kelly Blue Book. If you’re car needs repairs, its value drops. Furthermore, if the amount for repairs is higher than the worth of your vehicle, your best option may be to scrap it for some cash and to look for something better with more value.
Are you due for major repairs?

Even if you’ve been able to get by with only minor repairs, consider whether or not something major is coming up. Will you need new tires soon? Will your engine need to be replaced? If it’s only a matter of time before something big fails on your vehicle, then consider contacting a cash-for-junk-car service to pick it up before the inevitable happens.

Is your vehicle safe?

The most important thing to ask yourself before scrapping or fixing your junk car is whether or not it’s safe to drive. Just because a vehicle runs does not mean that it’s safe for the road. If you’re risking your health or the safety of others each time you take it out for a drive, then you either need to have it repaired immediately or contact a scrapping service. As easy as it is to keep “scraping by,” it’s important to be responsible and protect the safety of you and those around you. If your car is unsafe, consider reaching out to a junk car removal service today to find out how you can get quick and easy cash for your vehicle.

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