When should I junk a car?

Junking your car is an easy way to quickly sell your vehicle for some easy cash. However, knowing when to sell to a cash-for-junk-car removal service vs. listing it online can be tricky. Scrapping services will generally offer less money than you could make from selling online, but they are far more reliable and can generally come to purchase your car the day you contact them. That being said, if you’re asking yourself the question, “when should I junk my car,” you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are a few points that will help you recognize when junking your car is your best option.

Your Warning Lights Don’t Turn Off

We’ve all been driving down the road when suddenly a warning light turns on. It’s a sinking feeling, and you’re left wondering if it’s really a big deal. Warning lights are important and definitely there for a reason. They serve to let you know when something is seriously wrong with your vehicle that may make it unsafe to drive.

Unfortunately, as cars get older and more components wear out and break down, those lights don’t always turn off again, even if you make the repairs. As your vehicle gets up in years, it loses its valuable ability to let you know when your car needs attention. As much as you may “know your car,” broken warning lights can easily lead to you being stranded on the side of the road without an overheated engine or tire issues.

If your warning lights don’t turn off, it might be time to junk your car and invest in one that has a better warning system.

It Costs More to Maintain Your Car than It’s Worth

One of the biggest tells that you should junk your car and look for a replacement is when the repairs cost more than your vehicle is worth. Maybe you and your car have been through a lot together, and it holds a lot of sentimental value, but buying $600 tires for a $400 car doesn’t make a lot of sense.

When the cost of maintenance exceeds the value of your vehicle, you should consider getting what you can for it and looking for something newer that is more reliable and requires less maintenance.

Your Milage Is Getting too High

As with anything in life, cars only have so much to give before they wear out. Most older cars can run up to around 200,000 miles if they are well-maintained. Although this number significantly drops if your car has been neglected or driven hard (cross-country, frequent storms, bad roads, etc.)

If you’re approaching the inevitable day when your car gives it, it’s better to get ahead of the issue by proactively replacing it. Waiting for your car to give out means you’ll have a period of time where you don’t have a vehicle, and you’re scrambling to find a replacement. It’s best to avoid this by scrapping your vehicle and purchasing something better.
It Needs Constant Repairs

Another way to identify when it’s time to junk your vehicle is when it needs constant repairs. Tire leaks, coolant leaks, oil leaks, etc., can quickly add up in cost and time. Having to add a little oil to your car every day may seem harmless enough, but the cost of those constant repairs will quickly add up over time and eventually become much bigger issues.

Rather than giving a little time and money every week to make small repairs on your vehicle, scrap it and look for something that isn’t so high-maintenance. It’ll make your life a lot more simple, and you can rest easy knowing that you have a reliable means of transport that can keep you safe on the road.

You Can’t Seem to Sell it

Try as you might, some cars simply won’t sell online. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other similar platforms are great but don’t guarantee a buyer. They are notoriously unreliable, and your car may be listed for months without even an inquiry.

If you can’t sell your vehicle, or you need cash quickly, cash-for-junk-car removal services are the best option to quickly sell your vehicle. Simply contact the service, let them know what you have for sale, and they will generally be able to come to pick it up with cash in hand on the same day. If you’re having a hard time finding a buyer for your junk car, a junk car removal service is the way to go!

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